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Andy Smith Collection
Andy Smith Collection

DOMINION MODERN acquires and catalogues collections of individual architects, designers and companies for future generations. We maintain a large collection of Canadian 20th Century artefacts - from furniture and industrial design to photographs, drawings and ephemera.

-Artefact Collection: furniture, objects and industrial design
-Ephemera Collection: includes graphic design, advertising, packaging
-Industrial Collection: Canadian company histories
-Biblio Collection: Books and periodicals on architecture, design, industrial design and Canadian history.
-Photographic Collection: 50,000+ photographs, transparencies, negatives, prints and original prints.

ANDY SMITH COLLECTION: Includes Aerial, Architecture, Product, Industrial, Portrait and Progress Photography. Format: photographs, negatives transparencies and prints. Period: 1965-1990

Bio: Photographer Andy Smith was born in England, immigrated to Canada after the Second World War. He began his career at Panda Photography which continued under Panda/Croydon in Toronto. When Panda closed shop in the mid 1980's Smith went into business for himself, opening a small architectural photography business until his death in the early 2000's.