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Hugh Robertson Collection
Hugh Robertson Collection

DOMINION MODERN acquires and catalogues collections of individual architects, designers and companies for future generations. We maintain a large collection of Canadian 20th Century artefacts - from furniture and industrial design to photographs, drawings and ephemera.

-Artefact Collection: furniture, objects and industrial design
-Ephemera Collection: includes graphic design, advertising, packaging
-Industrial Collection: Canadian company histories
-Biblio Collection: Books and periodicals on architecture, design, industrial design and Canadian history.
-Photographic Collection: 50,000+ photographs, transparencies, negatives, prints and original prints.

Hugh Robertson Collection 50,000+
-Includes personal output of donor Hugh Robertson. Photographer for Robertson-Steele, E.L. Ruddy, Claude Neon, Panda Photography, Panda-Croydon.
Collection includes Architecture, Product, Industrial, Portrait and War Photography. Plus Advertising and Layouts. Format: photographs, negatives transparencies, advertising and prints.
Period: 1930-1985

Bio: Synonymous with architectural photography, Hugh Robertson was at the helm of Panda Photography, the premiere house for architectural photography, where he perfected the art he began in the 1930's. For the next sixty years Robertson would go on to record a country bursting at the seams with energy and exuberance. Robertson refined himself as an artist with a sharp eye whose work was defined with a bold, dramatic and simple elegance. His work includes architecture, commercial, industrial and war photography. As one of the chief documentarians of the 20th Century Hugh Robertson belongs to a unique league of photographers that were true pioneers.