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Oral History Project
Oral History Project

DOMINION MODERN launched the ORAL HISTORY PROJECT that records the stories of Canadian architects and designers. A vital aspect of the museum's work, the project aims to speak to all the actors in the modern movement of our country. Over 250 oral histories have been recorded from all over the country.

In time the tapes will be transcribed and available to the public. The oral histories serve as a resource for future exhibitions and publications. More than that, these life stories bring forth the people behind the landmark buildings and designs: how they conceived, discussed, engineered and created them. These people demonstrate over and over the tremendous creative energy that built Canada over the last century.

The ORAL HISTORY PROJECT includes interviews with Stanley Roscoe, the architect of Hamilton City Hall, industrial designer Frank Dudas, architects Sidney Bregman and George Hamann, Morley Blankstein, Dennis Carter, Douglas C. Rowland and builder Kenneth Rotenberg to name a few.

We aim to bring the ORAL HISTORY PROJECT across Canada. It is crucial that this is done now as many of the players in the Modern Movement are aging. We also acquire and then catalogue any material they wish to donate from their careers: photos, documents, models, examples of their work and writing, etc.

To donate or participate in the ORAL HISTORY PROJECT contact us at:

Michelange Panzini from dominionmodern on Vimeo.

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401 Richmond Street West, Unit B-008
Toronto ON M5V 3A8, CANADA