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Canadian Made Logos & Objects
Canadian Made Logos & Objects

Canada has a rich design legacy. We saw it as an important opportunity to expose students to their own Canadian design history. The 30 foot glass case in the School’s lobby filled with colourful company logos and Canadian-made and designed products became eye candy inviting the viewer to explore.

This small output of Canadian creative talent and industrial might aims to point to our design heritage and inspire a new generation of Canadian designers. To be a student and a citizen of the world you must be a keen observer of the extraordinary, but even more so an observer of the normal everyday world.

The Canadian Made Logos & Objects display case represents a sampling of Canadian design objects and company logos. From snow-blowers to the world's first paint roller. Common everyday domestic objects.

Curators: Robert Chandler, John Martins-Manteiga
Graphic Design: Tessa Rola

Dominion Modern Gallery
230 Richmond Street East (side entrance)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
September 2008 - August 2009
Free Admission