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Painting Architecture & Song
Painting Architecture & Song

An exhibition the creative work of architect DIMITRI PAPATHEODOROU

on painting:

"...duality of being at once material and immaterial, secular and sacred is personified in Papatheodorou’s paintings. They point to our sense of interiority and convey a profound dreamlike depth, signaling what the philosopher Gaston Bachelard referred to as intimate immensity." Mimi Gellman

on architecture:

"Papatheodorou's architecture grows out of the imagination as if it is an embodiment of pictorial spaces that reside in the mind, spaces that make you feel that you are inside a painting." Luigi Ferrara

on song:

"Imagine yourself sitting in a certain building, looking at a certain painting, while listening to certain music. Now imagine the same thing three times. Papatheodorou's songs are small monuments to short breath, little buildings one can live in for the duration, while hearing the colours emerge from insights which are very easy to call sonic paintings for the ears." Donald Brackett

Dominion Modern @ the SCHOOLOFDESIGN
230 Richmond Street East (side entrance)

Thursday, April 1, 2010 to May 31, 2010
Free Admission

To order the book Painting Architecture & Song by Dimitri Papatheodorou see Publications page.