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Vinyl Graphic
Vinyl Graphic

Vinyl Graphic: Design in the Canadian Record Industry, presents a cross-section of manufacture and design artefacts from the Canadian recording industry. The focus is graphic design, and for the most part, graphic design found on Long-Playing (LP) album covers of Canadian origin.

The first company to manufacture and distribute records and gramophones within Canada was the E. Berliner Gramophone Company of Canada. Its record releases were for the most part imported from the States and abroad until a recording studio was established in Montreal in 1904.

The 1980s saw the substantial growth of independent record labels in Canada as artists took it upon themselves to record, manufacture, and distribute their own records. The popular bands would often create their own graphics or hire friends to create colourful album art for their releases. The Toronto band Rough Trade employed General Idea to come up with album graphics for their 1980s release. Loverboy's self titled first release has forever immortalised the polaroid art of Barbara Astman.

Proposed by: John Pelo
Curators: Robert Chandler, John Martins-Manteiga
Installer: Yvonne Whelan
Assistant: Michael Cobb
Graphic Design: Atanas Bozdarov and Hanna Carriere

Dominion Modern Gallery
230 Richmond Street East (side entrance)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Exhibit extended to December 2010
Free Admission