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PETER DICKINSON is the first major book on architect Peter Dickinson. The 304-page catalogue traces the life and work of architect, Peter Dickinson from England to Canada. PETER DICKINSON is the

NOXON is a celebration of Canadian architect and industrial designer Court Noxon and the immense catalogue of work he produced for his company Metalsmiths from 1954 to 1982.

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ENDANGERED SPECIES investigates the notion of modern architecture as an endangered genus. Is modernism bound for extinction?

The twenty-six buildings included in the book Endangered

"There was a time, not so long ago, when the future loomed brave and bright, when every tomorrow would be better than today, when the trajectory of happiness seemed one endless upward curve. The

A city's buildings are like the virgin trees of ancient forests. And like forests our city's heritage buildings have been clear cut at an alarming pace. Gene Threndyle and John Martins-Manteiga

"…a hefty new bilingual picture book seeks to rehabilitate Drapeau by focusing on his masterpiece, conceived 50 years ago: the Métro de Montréal. The tome Métro: Design in Motion posits that